Delta Raises Checked Bag Fee, Matching Competitors

The move comes as the company is looking at lower earnings for 2018, due in part to rising fuel costs.
Posted at 7:31 PM, Sep 19, 2018

Checking bags on Delta Air Lines flights just got a little more expensive. On Wednesday, the company raised the fee for checked bags by $5.

That means it'll now cost $30 to check a bag on domestic flights, and $40 to check a second. 

The new fees are the same as those Jetblue and United Airlines now charge. Both companies raised their fees in August. 

By the of the end of June this year, Delta had collected just over $375 million in baggage fees according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Airlines across the board are grappling with increases in the cost of fuel and labor, which typically make up the bulk of airlines' costs

Delta announced in July it expected to make less money in 2018 than it had originally projected. Industry profits overall have fallen for the last two years and look to fall again this year.