Asking For A Friend: What To Consider When Considering Plastic Surgery

Newsy's Cody LaGrow spoke with Justin Jedlica, who's had more than 340 cosmetic procedures, about the rising plastic surgery trend among millennials.
Posted at 12:09 PM, Jul 19, 2017

Plastic surgery is gaining popularity. In 2015, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery said 64 percent of member plastic surgeons saw an increase in cosmetic procedures in patients under age 30.

In this "Asking for a Friend," Newsy's Cody LaGrow sat down with Justin Jedlica to explore what to consider when considering plastic surgery. The media dubbed Jedlica "the Human Ken Doll" because he's had more than 340 cosmetic procedures and now works as a consultant to guide those seeking plastic surgery.

Newsy's Cody LaGrow: When did you first realize you were interested in plastic surgery?

Justin Jedlica: From a really young age, I always looked up to celebrities like Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Joan Rivers. ... There was something very iconic about them. They looked cartoonish. They looked like caricatures of who they were originally. That was very much emblematic of wealth.

CL: Why do you think people think plastic surgery has become less taboo?

JJ: I do think it's fun to play with your looks. It's like how you change out your wardrobe. Why do you have to have any commitment to this form today as you did yesterday?

CL: How much have you spent on plastic surgery?

JJ: I've spent well over $300,000 — near $340,000, $350,000.

CL: What do you say to someone who's considering plastic surgery that maybe does not have access to $350,000?

JJ: I don't think you should go into debt. I think they do have a possibility that it won't turn out the way you planned. And you have to be prepared, sometimes, that a revision is necessary. So even if you put all your money in one surgery, it doesn't promise that the end outcome is the most optimal one you're looking for.

CL: Why do you think minds are changing when it comes to plastic surgery?

JJ: I think plastic surgery is being looked at more and more as good grooming, good maintenance. I put my Botox on my calendar like I do put my dental appointments for my cleanings now. I think part of it is when you look good, you feel good. There's almost an expectation of being upkept. 

CL: Do you ever worry that you're putting yourself at risk for complications that can happen with plastic surgery?

JJ: Do I ever worry I'm putting myself at risk? I know what the risks are. I choose very educated doctors. We go over all of that stuff in advance. I'm informed of the risks, and I assume them every time I go under, but I wouldn't not do it.

CL: What do you say to people who assume that if you get a lot of plastic surgery done on the outside, there's something wrong on the inside?

JJ: I think they should try to have plastic surgery. I mean, it means the world to people. It completely changes their outlook, and I think you notice in every facet of their life the confidence that exudes through when they feel like they are more of a full person. They look like everybody else, or they've been able to set themselves apart and make themselves extremely special.

This video includes clips from E!Kylie Jenner and WFTS, and images from Instagram. Music provided courtesy of APM Music.