You won't believe Lindsay Lohan's pay for new 'Mean Girls' cameo

"Irregardless" of whether you find it so fetch or not, the limit does not exist on how excited fans were to hear Lohan made a surprise appearance.
Lindsay Lohan attends the world premiere of "Mean Girls."
Posted at 6:44 PM, Jan 16, 2024

She’s not like a regular actress, she’s Lindsay Lohan, and she got a hefty check to make a cameo in the new “Mean Girls.”

Given the enduring popularity of the film even 20 years after its release, Paramount didn't hesitate to splash out around $500,000 for Lohan's half-day gig in the latest incarnation, according to an exclusive report by Variety.

"Irregardless" of whether you find that so fetch or not, the limit does not exist on how excited fans were to hear the news that Lohan made a surprise appearance in the new film. According to Variety, the crowd gave a big round of applause when they saw her cameo at the New York premiere on Jan. 8.

And Paramount can relax knowing they made a wise investment, as the new movie — also written by Tina Fey — hit the No. 1 spot at the weekend domestic box office.

The movie made $28 million in its first three days in theaters and was expected to make $32 million through the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, according to Sunday's studio estimates. That's more than the $24.4 million the first movie earned in its opening weekend.

“The property is iconic,” Chris Aronson, Paramount’s president of domestic distribution, told The Associated Press. “Tina Fey is legendary and her contemporary twist has resonated with audiences, particularly the female audience.”

"Mean Girls" drew mostly female viewers (76%) on its opening weekend, and 70% were aged 18 to 34, the AP reported.

So to all the other movies released over the weekend, we're sorry that people are not watching, but “Mean Girls” can't help it that they're popular.