Melissa Joan Hart helps Nashville students to safety amid shooting

Actress Melissa Joan Hart says she and her husband helped a class of kindergarteners cross a busy highway as they were trying to escape to safety.
Actress Melissa Joan Hart
Posted at 4:12 PM, Mar 29, 2023

Actress Melissa Joan Hart helped students to safety when a shooter entered their Nashville school and killed three 9-year-old children and three staff members.

 "We helped a class of kindergarteners across a busy highway, that were climbing out of the woods, that were trying to escape the shooter situation at their school," Joan Hart said in a video on Instagram.

The actress lives in Nashville and her children attend school next to the Covenant school, where the shooting occurred. Joan Hart said she and her husband were on their way to conferences at their kids' school when they saw the young children and teachers trying to cross the road.

The actress and her husband also helped a mother reunite with her children.

"I don't know what to say anymore. Enough is enough," said the actress. "Pray for the families."

Joan Hart said this is her family's second experience with a school shooting. The family had moved to Tennessee from Connecticut, where her children attended school near Sandy Hook Elementary, where a gunman killed 26 people in 2012.

The actress is perhaps best known for her starring role in "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," among other television shows in which she's held title roles.