'Dear Fat People' Video Sparks 'Fat-Shaming' Backlash

Comedian Nicole Arbour caused a massive uproar when she posted a video to her YouTube account titled "Dear Fat People."
Posted at 2:50 AM, Sep 07, 2015

Comedian Nicole Arbour caused an uproar when she posted this video, titled "Dear Fat People," on YouTube.

"Fat shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up." (Video via Facebook / Nicole Arbour)

In the video, Arbour criticizes people who are overweight and those who say being overweight is a disease. The controversial video went viral as thousands spoke out against it, saying things like "Fat shaming is not funny" and "Stop fat shaming."

Some even made emotional YouTube response videos calling Arbour a bully.  

"I'm really upset about the Nicole Arbour video." (Video via YouTube / Meghan Tonjes)

"You are a bully, you are a mean person and you are using your voice for negativity." (Video via YouTube / Kendall Rae)

"The main thing I have to say to this video is, 'No. Why No?!'" (Video via YouTube / JamesChats)

Afterward, Arbour's YouTube account was disabled. Whether it was YouTube or Arbour who disabled it is still unclear. However, she claims she was censored.

According to CNN, Arbour received a warning email from Google that said she violated her terms of use. Of course, Google owns YouTube. 

But considering the amount of push back she got from viewers, it's entirely possible they had the video taken down. 

YouTube relies heavily on users flagging content that violates their terms of use. (Video via YouTube)

"Content that violates our policies can include bullying, hate speech, graphic violence or sexually explicit content."

And some video responses called for viewers to sign a petition by liking and sharing their video to get YouTube's attention to take down Arbour's video.

"Help me sign a petition to YouTube to have the video taken down." (Video via YouTube / The McCord List)

Arbour's YouTube account went back online Sunday night without her videos. Google has yet to comment on the situation.