Why You Shouldn't Google Amy Schumer — Or A Bunch Of Other Celebrities

Searching for them could expose your computer to malware.
Posted at 7:34 PM, Sep 29, 2016

"Who are you wearing this evening?" E! host Giuliana Rancic asked on the Emmys red carpet.

"Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford shoes and an O.B. tampon," Amy Schumer responded.

And just like that, Amy Schumer was trending online — again.

The comedian isn't afraid to go there and gets a lot of attention for it. And apparently, that makes her dangerous.

Yep. Amy Schumer is the most dangerous celebrity — to search online, that is.

According to McAfee's latest study, Schumer tops its annual list of celebrities who "generate the most dangerous search results."

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Thieves reportedly use people's interest in some of the world's biggest stars to pepper the search results for those celebs with websites riddled with malware.

With more people getting rid of cable, thieves know that more people are searching for free content online.

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So for example, McAfee says if you search "Amy Schumer Torrent," you have a 33 percent chance of visiting a "malicious website."

Schumer joins Justin Bieber and a host of other comedians and musicians who top the list.

"Today" and "The Voice" host Carson Daly, actor Will Smith, popstar Rihanna, singer Miley Cyrus, comedian Chris Hardwick, comedian Daniel Tosh, singer Selena Gomez and singer Kesha round out the top 10 on the list.