Now Everyone's Wondering If Prescription Drugs Killed Prince

Prince was carrying prescription drugs when he died. The cause of death will be released after results from a toxicology test and autopsy come in.
Posted at 11:33 AM, Apr 28, 2016

Law enforcement investigating Prince's death say prescription drugs were found on his person and at his Paisley Park home in Minnesota when he died.

As of Thursday morning, a cause of death hadn't been announced. Authorities are waiting for a toxicology report to see if opioid painkillers played a part in the 57-year-old artist's death.

Prince's long-time friend, fellow musician and ex-fiance Sheila E. told Entertainment Tonight he was always in pain because of his performances in heels throughout the years.

"You know, he was in pain all the time, but he was a performer. No one, not even him, would have known that would have bothered him years later," she said.

There are other rumors about what could have caused Prince's death. His brother-in law said he had been up working for six days straight. This was a few days after being hospitalized in Illinois for the flu, which a source told Entertainment Tonight may have turned into walking pneumonia.

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