Microphone Cardi B threw at fan goes up for auction on Ebay

Bidding on the mic started out at $500, but had already surpassed $50,000 as of Wednesday morning.
Posted at 11:25 AM, Aug 02, 2023

The viral microphone that rapper Cardi B hurled at a concertgoer during a show in Las Vegas over the weekend has now hit the auction block.

Cardi B was performing at Drai's Beachclub Saturday when video widely shared online showed a fan near the stage splash liquid on the artist. Seemingly in retaliation, Cardi B then chucked her mic in the concertgoer's direction.

Additional video from the incident shows the artist's DJ asking the crowd to "splash her down" with water to help her cool off from the extreme heat. But after some hit her face, that's when she apparently lost her cool. 

It's unclear if the mic throw occurred before or after the DJ's request.

Audio company The Wave, which owns the wireless Shure AD2 Axient Digital microphone, was able to retrieve it from the crowd and ultimately decided to put it up for sale on eBay to raise money for two charities — Friendship Circle Las Vegas and the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wave owner, Scott Fisher, said in the eBay description that the mic was still in working condition and that he wanted to use its notoriety to make a positive impact.

g27racing via eBay

"The mic still works as I tested it when it came back to the audio shop this afternoon (July 31)," Fisher wrote. "If you ever wanted to use it you would still need a receiver which is not part of the auction. I will also include a letter stating this is the actual microphone shown in all the videos being shown nationwide."

Fisher said the mic can also be verified by the tape marked "main" that's wrapped around its base.

"You can see in the videos the white tape across the bottom," he added.

Bidding on the mic started out at $500, but had already surpassed $50,000 as of Wednesday morning. Similar microphones selling online are priced at around $1,000.

The auction is scheduled to expire on Tuesday Aug. 8.