Here Are The Most Awkward Moments From The CMT Awards

The 2015 CMT Awards were chock full of cringeworthy moments. Here are our favorites of the night.
Posted at 11:36 PM, Jun 10, 2015

The 2015 CMT Awards were broadcast live Wednesday night. And with live TV comes plenty of awkward moments. Here are our favorites of the night.

First, we take you to the red carpet, where host Katie Cook took her love of Dierks Bentley's hair to a whole new level.

"Your hair is too cute! Oh my god, how cute is his hair? I have to touch it. He's got this little faux hawk action going on." (Video Courtesy of CMT)

Hands off the hair there, Katie! Way to make it totally awk.

And her red carpet co-host wasn't any less cringeworthy when he spotted Carrie Underwood on her way inside the arena.

"Yo! We are ready to walk inside the show. And so is Carrie Underwood! Right here, Carrie, come on over, say hi. Carrie Underwood!" (Video Courtesy of CMT)

And Carrie didn't escape the awkwardness after that whole ... thing.

The hosts of the whole shebang, Erin Andrews and Brittany Snow, made everyone cringe with their opening monologue dedicated to the singer.

"Erin's got a Carrie crush, hard to admit it but, Erin's got an Underwood rush, now we got one too." (Video Courtesy of CMT)

Yeeeah, Carrie looked aca-weirded out by that nod to Brittany's hit movie, "Pitch Perfect." (Video via Universal Pictures / "Pitch Perfect 2")

As one viewer on Twitter perfectly put it, "This is legit awkward." And it didn't stop there.

"I agreed to host this show so I could be closer to her legs."

"Did you ever find out what her hair smells like?"

"I did, thanks for asking. Lavender and dreams. I knew it." (Video Courtesy of CMT)


Then there was that time Jake Owen crowd surfed onto the stage ... on an air mattress.

(Video Courtesy of CMT)

Ah, the joys of live television. There were plenty of other memorable moments from the awards.

Head to CMT's website to check them all out.

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