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Former insurance adjusters launch 'Dino-Mite' experience to spread joy

You can book a 22-foot-long T-Rex and a triceratops to go to parties, weddings, gender reveals, schools, and all kinds of events.
Posted at 8:11 PM, Apr 09, 2023

So much of the time, the news is negative, but it’s important to remember and focus on the good there is in life too. Two brothers in Atlanta, Georgia, are doing just that: they are spreading joy to those around them by bringing creatures from another time back to life.

Brothers Mike and Justin Brabson started Prehistoric Nation on a whim, needing a change.

"We were insurance adjusters, and we were traveling the country doing roof inspections after catastrophes," explained Justin Brabson.

"When you drive around and you see a lot of destruction, you see people's houses that are like wiped out, and, you know, they're having a miserable day because of, you know, things that you can't control. Just going around, making people smile is just the best. It really just warms your heart, and it's DINO-MITE!" said Mike with a laugh.

Now, Prehistoric Nation’s family of dinosaurs, including a 22-foot-long T-Rex and a triceratops, go to parties, weddings, gender reveals, schools, and all kinds of events.

"It's literally whatever you can imagine, we can do," said Mike Brabson.

T-rex on display at Chicago's Field Museum.

The Tyrannosaurus rex may not have shown big teeth after all

If you think large dinosaurs looked like how they were depicted in Jurassic Park, you might want to think again.


With the help of ice packs, fans, and a hidden camera inside Blue’s nose, Justin makes the scaly suits seem real. The brothers work with Only Dinosaurs to find the most real, lifelike dinos for families and companies across their community to rent and enjoy.

"I think kids would. I think they never saw a dinosaur in real life, and if they saw one, like ‘Blue’ or one of the triceratopses, I think they'll be amazed," said Maddie, Mike’s daughter, who helps her family out at events sometimes.

It’s not just kids who love the dinosaurs. No matter how old you are, dinosaurs have a way of making us all feel young again.

"Really what we want to do is, we just want to make people happy," said Mike. Brabson. "Whatever it is to make people smile, because there's too much, too much going on in the world just to not smile and have a good time all the time."

When they can, they bring the dinosaurs to hospitals, charity events, and foster homes.

"Just bring smiles to kids that, you know, couldn't have the opportunity to have this kind of experience," said Justin Brabson.

And this experience is more than a moment. It’s a memory to remind us all of a word of advice from Mike. "If you're not happy, you can change it. You can wake up and be a dinosaur. Just live your, live your best dinosaur life." 

If you have questions about Prehistoric Nation, you can call: +1 404-509-1172 or visit their website

To support their charity work, visit the Prehistoric Nation YouTube channel.