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These 10 grocery stores top the list for value, consumers say

Among 45 grocery stores, Aldi ranked No. 1 among consumers for value. Find out which other stores give you the most bang for your buck.
A man shops at an Aldi store in Ohio.
Posted at 9:21 AM, Mar 08, 2024

Market Force Information, a market research company that utilizes customer feedback to assist retailers, recently released a report ranking consumer sentiment on grocery stores. 

Market Force's data indicated that Aldi provides the most value for money among America's leading grocery stores. The survey included 45 chains throughout the U.S., including warehouse stores such as Costco and Sam's Club, as well as big box retailers, like Target and Walmart. 

According to the survey, 88.9% of respondents said Aldi offers value for money. Ranking behind Aldi was Woodman's Market. Coming in last place among the 45 brands named was Whole Foods, as just 11.9% of respondents said the grocer offers value for money.

According to consumers, here are the 10 leading brands for value for money:

1. Aldi (88.9%)

2. Woodman's Market (87.5%)

3. WinCo Foods (87.4%)

4. Lidl (82.8%)

5. Market Basket (81%)

6. Grocery Outlet (78.1%)

7. Costco (74.6%)

8. Sam's Club (71.4%)

9. BJ's (67.4%)

10. Trader Joe's Market (62.5%)

Aldi eliminates plastic bags from all 2,300 of its stores
Aldi plastic bag with assorted grocery items in front of it

Aldi eliminates plastic bags from all 2,300 of its stores

The popular discount retailer has been gradually removing the option to purchase plastic bags at its checkouts for months.


The survey's release comes just as Aldi said it plans to open 800 new stores in the U.S. by the end of 2028. It will also open in cities that currently don't have an Aldi, such as Las Vegas.

“Our growth is fueled by our customers, and they are asking for more ALDI stores in their neighborhoods nationwide,” said Aldi CEO Jason Hart. “With up to 40% savings on groceries, new customers are inspired to try us out, and existing customers keep coming back. While price is important, we earn their loyalty by stocking our shelves with only the best products and offering a quicker, easier, and more enjoyable shopping experience."

The survey also found that sales and promotions are top reasons a consumer may switch to another grocery brand. 

Walmart had the most number of respondents who said they spent the majority of their grocery dollars there. Kroger ranked No. 2, ahead of Aldi and Costco.

Although price was an important factor in building consumer loyalty, the survey found that product selection, ease of checkout and location were also major components. 

Among leading brands, Trader Joe's led in customer loyalty, followed by H-E-B and Woodman's Markets. 

Survey results are available online.