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Save on Valentine's Day gifts without coming off as a cheapskate

Next to Christmas, Valentine's Day is one of the most expensive holidays of the year — and comes with added pressure.
Posted at 7:22 AM, Feb 09, 2024

Flowers, candy, teddy bears and other gifts — the most romantic holiday of the year is almost here. But it can also be the most expensive holiday of the year, next to Christmas.

Whether you’re buying diamond earrings or a simple bouquet of flowers, Valentine’s Day costs can add up. But there are ways to show your loved ones you care without overspending.

At Adrian Durban florist, there's good news for romantics: The rose inflation we've seen over the past few years has finally subsided.

"They have leveled off; in some cases, they've gone down a little bit," owner Kerry Durban said.

But with a dozen long-stem roses running close to $100, Durban says shoppers may want to consider other flowers.

"Some people just like carnations and daisies, something simple like that," he said.

Durban's floral designer Miriam Rasumi agrees.

"The lilies are a really fun option as an alternative," she said.

Watch out for romance scams as Valentine's Day approaches
A pedestrian passes Valentine's day stuffed animals for sale ahead of the holiday in Philadelphia, Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019.

Watch out for romance scams as Valentine's Day approaches

Artificial intelligence and loneliness are just two factors causing victims to lose more money to romance scammers.


Average couple spends hundreds of dollars

Katherine Cullen of the National Retail Foundation says the average person will spend $186 on their loved ones for the holiday this year.

"That includes gifts for everyone from your special someone to your pet," she said.

Among the most popular presents are "jewelry, flowers, and of course, planning a special evening out," she said.

Shea Simmons writes forSimplemostand Don’t Waste Your Money. She suggests skipping the big box of chocolates and writing a heartfelt note instead.

Another top trend, she says, is booking a romantic getaway.

"We're leaning a little bit more away from material and to a little bit more of experiences," she said.

To see some fun gift options Simmons and her team put together, click here.

Thinking outside the box can save you a bundle.

"Try something a little different besides roses and baby's breath, Rasumi said.