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Soccer player reunites with fan years after viral elbow bump photo

Racing Louisville FC's Carson Pickett and young fan JoJo Tidd share a special bond over their limb difference that will last a lifetime.
Posted at 4:05 PM, Mar 31, 2024

A single elbow bump built a long-lasting bond between Racing Louisville FC Defender Carson Pickett and 6-year-old Joseph “JoJo” Tidd. 

photo of the pair’s bump went viral when they met in 2019, raising awareness about their shared limb difference and the importance of having heroes who are just like us all.

JoJo and Carson originally met when she played for another team in Orlando. Now, she makes a point to say hi to JoJo and his family whenever Racing Louisville plays in Orlando. 

But this recent reunion was a surprise for Carson, arranged by ION producer Dave Trager. 

He arranged for the Tidds to fly from Florida to Kentucky and set Carson up to think she was going to be interviewed. Instead of a reporter, JoJo walked in. 

“She was completely surprised,” said Trager. “She had no idea he was going to come in. It was like a reconnection.”

Carson’s face lit up with delight. “Hi! Come here,” Carson said as she brought JoJo in for a hug. 

“This relationship with JoJo has definitely meant the world to me,” said Carson. “The first time I met you, you were so young; I think you were like three, but the second you saw my arm, you knew we were the same.”

Children with limb differences are born with arms, legs, fingers, or toes that are missing, not fully formed, or formed differently. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in every 1,900 babies is born with a limb reduction defect in the United States. 

Carson and JoJo did some catching up before hanging out in Lynn Family Stadium and racing to see who was faster. 

“I just want you to know that you can do anything that you want to do, and you're not any different than anyone else,” Carson told JoJo. “You can dream as big as anyone else with two hands.”

JoJo told Carson that when he looks at his “lucky fin,” it reminds him of her. 

“We can always be lucky fin friends for life,” Carson said.