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Senior dog adopted by senior citizen gains new life and new fame

Velcro entered a Texas shelter as an older special-needs pet. After being adopted following over 700 days of waiting, he's being well-pampered.
Velcro, senior dog adopted.
Posted at 7:44 PM, Mar 21, 2024

It's a familiar story: A pet spends way too long in an animal shelter waiting to be rescued. The ASPCA estimates that around 6.3 million companion animals are taken to one of their animal shelters across the United States each year. 

But, among those stories of heartbreak, come those that warm the heart — like in the case of Velcro, a senior dog who spent over 700 days in an Austin animal shelter before he was finally rescued by a senior citizen who gave him the home he deserved. 

Velcro arrived at Austin Pets Alive in 2022, according to a video shared by the shelter on Facebook. Velcro was partially blind and had some mobility and neurological issues, according to his adoption story. He would need the right home so that he could live out the rest of his years with dignity and happiness. 

In April of last year, the shelter shared a video showing him — then named "Beluga" — playing with a toy and enjoying his small space at the facility. Austin Pets Alive said one of the first characteristics people noticed about him was his head tilt. They hypothesized that he might have had some sort of trauma during his life. 

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And that just because he "processes the world just a little bit differently," that didn't seem to stop him from being fun-loving and "adorable."

The shelter called him a "charmer," and able to "adapt to his way of doing things." Well, he eventually charmed Jeanette. 

Her previous two dogs had died, and she decided it was time for a new friend. She came to visit another dog, and then she saw who she would end up adopting — naming him "Velcro." He was 10 years old. 

Velcro went home with Jeanette as a foster, to see if he liked his new home, and it worked out just fine. 

Jeanette told People magazine she's no longer her "spry" self anymore, but Velcro gives her a reason to go on walks and stay active. 

Earlier this month the ASPCA reported that around 120 mistreated dogs were rescued from a breeding operation in Florida. And reports of more and more animals being surrendered to shelters across the country have surfaced in headlines. 

The numbers are alarming as animal groups, like the ASPCA, report that hundreds of thousands of animals are euthanized annually. 

The Animal Foundation says that adopting senior pets in need comes with benefits. Not only will you be helping an animal extend their life in comfort, but often they are already housebroken and calmer than younger dogs. Some shelters offer discounts on adoption fees for older pets, or for senior citizens who are adopting.