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First responders form human chain to save Christmas presents

Despite a car being partially submerged in a ditch, first responders were able to grab the presents and take them to a children's hospital.
First responders work to remove presents from a car in a ditch.
Posted at 1:07 PM, Dec 29, 2023

First responders in Ormond Beach, Florida, formed a human chain to help save a family's Christmas gifts and deliver them to a children's hospital.

According to the Volusia Sheriff's Office, a vehicle slid off Interstate 95 on Christmas Day and struck a pole, causing it to land in a ditch with about 3 feet of water. The woman driving was in the car with three children under age 5. 

The sheriff's office said that bystanders helped the family out of the car. Those in the car only suffered minor injuries.

However, the family's Christmas presents remained in the car. With the help of firefighters and law enforcement, they used a ladder to access the vehicle and salvage most of the gifts. 

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The sheriff's office said firefighters passed gifts to deputies, who moved them to higher ground. They then took the gifts to the children at a nearby hospital. 

"Because of these efforts, deputies were able to transport the gifts to the VSO office, where they were sorted, dried, supplemented with a few extra donated gifts, and then brought to the hospital for the children," the Volusia Sheriff's Office said. 

"This holiday season, let’s cheer for these unsung heroes who went above and beyond. Their actions remind us of the power of kindness and community," the City of Ormond Beach said.