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Costco manager's call to a no-show employee might have saved his life

When an employee didn't show up for his early-morning shift at Costco, his manager thought maybe he overslept. In fact, he was having a stroke.
Posted at 6:26 PM, Jan 03, 2024

Employees at a Costco location near Cleveland, Ohio are being credited for saving their co-worker’s life after he didn’t show up for work one morning. 

When the employee, who was not identified, wasn’t there for his scheduled shift at 5 a.m., his manager gave him a call. 

“With the early shift, there’s times when we all oversleep. So, usually, we’ll give them a phone call — 'You up? You coming in?' That type of thing. That’s why the initial contact was made, but then it turned into something a lot more,” said Jesse Orsborn, Costco foods manager.

The man picked up his phone when Orsborn called, but Orsborn said he couldn’t understand what the man was saying and then the call dropped. 

“That alarmed us. We started calling several times and eventually getting back in touch with him again and it continued — more mumbling, more groaning. It was obvious he was having some sort of medical emergency,” said Dave Mackin, the assistant general manager at Costco’s Mayfield Heights location.

It turns out the man was having a stroke. 

Co-workers kept the man on the phone while others called EMS. The man was ultimately taken to the hospital and later released, but he reportedly has a road of recovery ahead of him. 

“We take care of our members. We take care of our employees. They mean the world to us,” said Mackin.

This story was originally published by Tracy Carloss at Scripps News Cleveland.