Bank of America informs customers some deposits may be delayed

The delay comes at an inconvenient time for a lot of people, as Friday is when millions get their paychecks via direct deposit.
A Bank of America logo
Posted at 12:55 PM, Nov 03, 2023

Bank of America customers are seeking answers after being informed that their deposits may be delayed. 

Online customers received a message on Friday that said, "Some deposits from 11/3 may be temporarily delayed due to an issue impacting multiple financial institutions. Your accounts remain secure, and your balance will be updated as soon as the deposit is received. You don't need to take any action."

Huntington Bank, which is based in Columbus, Ohio, also informed customers Friday that it was one of several financial institutions that are impacted by an "electronic file transmission error."

The problem appeared to stem from a Federal Reserve processing error. In a statement on its website Friday, the Federal Reserve said all of its financial services are working normally. People who have questions about the issue can contact their bank or EPN, the company that processes the deposit. EPN's phone number is 1-800-875-2242.

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