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Virginia woman wins $175K with 35 lottery tickets

A woman in Virginia picked the same number combination for 35 $1 plays — and that combo won her the top prize for each lottery ticket.
A woman holds a giant check for her $175,000 lottery winnings
Posted at 9:55 AM, Apr 11, 2023


Those are four lucky numbers for Mandy Garcia of Chesapeake, Virginia.

As it turns out, they were lucky on multiple lottery tickets.

On March 30, Garcia bought 35 $1 plays for the drawing on that day, all with the same four-digit combination.

When her numbers were drawn, all 35 of those plays won the games' $5,000 top prize, for a grand total of $175,000.

"I just couldn’t even believe it!" she told Lottery officials. "My heart started racing! I feel like certain numbers are lucky. I feel like it’s my best chance at winning a lot of money."

Garcia told Virginia Lottery officials that she plans on saving her money to buy a house.

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