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Single dad went to grocery store for salad, returned with $1M lottery win

When he got his lottery ticket scanned the next week to check whether he'd won anything, the worker told him not to pass out!
Lottery winner Brant Edgington.
Posted at 7:30 PM, Apr 21, 2024

As the popular lottery slogan goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it. And a Midwestern dad named Brant Edgington very nearly wasn’t.

He had stepped into the Baker’s grocery store in Fremont, Nebraska, to pick up a salad for his lunch and figured he’d spend a few extra dollars on a Mega Millions lottery ticket. Several days later, he learned he’d won a $1 million prize.

“I don’t play all that often,” he said after his win, according to a Nebraska Lottery press announcement. “As a single parent, baloney is more important, financially.”

The odds of winning $1 million playing the multi-state Mega Millions game are 1 in 12,607,306, so that’s a reasonable point!

Though he is not an avid lottery player, Edgington says he does get in when the jackpot gets high. However, he wasn’t planning on buying a ticket at all that day. But as he waited in line at the store while a customer ahead of him cashed in some scratch-off tickets, he decided to play.

The following Saturday, Edgington was back at the store and checked to see if he’d won. The Check-a-Ticket scanner wasn’t working for him, so he asked a clerk to see if he’d hit the jackpot.

“They disappeared for a minute,” he said. “Then a different lady came up with her and they just stared at me. She told me, ‘Don’t pass out when I tell you this … ’”

He claimed his prize on April 5, and hopefully he’s a little less worried about buying baloney for his kids now.

This story was originally published by Jennifer Graham Kizer at Simplemost.

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