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Boy survived on snow while lost in the Michigan wilderness for 2 days

The boy was gathering firewood when he got lost, according to Michigan authorities.
Boy found after going missing in Michigan Wilderness.
Posted at 2:13 PM, May 09, 2023

An 8-year-old boy survived two days alone in the Michigan wilderness after getting lost on a hiking trip.

Nante Niemi was first reported missing on Saturday. 

Michigan State Police said he was camping with his family at Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, which is located in the state's Upper Peninsula. 

The boy reportedly went missing while gathering firewood. 

Officials said more than 150 people joined a search for Nante over the weekend. Search and rescue dogs were also called in to scour a roughly 40 mile area. 

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Nante, who was wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants and boots, was found Monday at around 1 p.m. 

Police said volunteers located Nante under a log where he had been taking shelter for two days.

The boy reportedly told police that he stayed warm by covering up with branches and leaves. 

"He didn't have any food but ate clean snow for hydration," Michigan State Police said. 

Police said the volunteers who found him offered to carry him back to the camp, but he told them that he wanted to walk. 

"He is in good health and reunited with his family," police said.